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Creating a Secure and Beautiful Entrance With a Security Screen Door

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A security screen door lets in fresh air while preventing people from coming inside your home uninvited. The security screen doors of today are a far cry from the bulky cagelike doors that so many homes still seem to have. You can find sleeker doors now that offer great protection while also adding to the kerb appeal of your home. When you buy a security screen door, look at more than just the price and colour to find one that enhances your home.

Screens and Bars

You can still find security screen doors that have bar patterns imposed over the metal mesh, but those patterns are now available in several different styles. Wide grid patterns are suitable for modern, boxy homes with right angles and few diagonal lines; more traditional patterns with curls and curves are available for Federation-style homes. Those who can't decide on a pattern will be glad to hear there are metal security screen doors where the main part of the door is only metal mesh (albeit very strong metal mesh that isn't flexible).

A Gap Seal

That security screen door won't make your home look very good if it allows bugs and leaves to mill about in the entryway. If you buy a screen door that sits in front of the door jamb in a frame that's attached to the home's door frame, you'll need to add a gap seal, which is an extra strip that runs around the edges of the door, blocking the gap under it and on its sides and top. The seal lets you keep your main door open with the screen door closed without worrying that something is going to sneak in under the screen door.

Utilitarian or Decorative

In addition to deciding whether to have a bar pattern or a plain mesh door, you may want to consider making the door an actual decorative piece that will stand out. Those who want something that will pop out visually can look for decorative doors with birds, flowers, and other silhouettes. Some companies make mass quantities of certain patterns, but you may want to look around for a company that will custom-make a screen door for you if you have a particular pattern in mind.

Installing these doors does not take long, but it's best to have the company that sold you the door do that work. Get as many warranties and guarantees for that door as you can so that you can continue to enjoy using and looking at the door for many years.