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Kitchen Renovation Tips to Reduce Visual Clutter

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When renovating a kitchen, you can create a more calming atmosphere by reducing visual clutter. A sleeker design will also evoke a sense of space, which is ideal if your kitchen is a bit cramped. Here are several tips to help you eliminate clutter.

Glass Splashbacks

Installing a glass splashback instead of tiles is a perfect way to get rid of messy grout lines. The glass panels connect seamlessly, creating a smooth expanse over the wall. These splashbacks are back-painted with special paint and offer a wide colour selection. You could choose a neutral such as beige or cream, or go for a vivid colour like cobalt-blue or fire-engine red. You can also select earthy, muted chocolate or green shades. Regardless of how rigorous you are with cleaning, the paint is behind the glass, so it won't chip or flake.

Handleless Flat Cupboard Doors

Another way to eliminate fussiness in the kitchen decor is to consider cabinetry. This component consists of numerous doors or drawers. Once you add handles and contoured doors to the mix, the cupboards can add a lot of detail. To avoid this, opt for flat doors without handles. You can choose between push-open designs or doors with grooves on the top edge. 

Uninterrupted cupboards tend to highlight their colour and finish. So a polished white will shine more brightly, and the sheen of a matte black will be more pronounced.

Polished Concrete

Polished concrete flooring starts out as a concrete slab. It's then polished with fine diamond grits until it's glistening. You can request the contractors stop at any point to create a slight buff or a mirror-like finish. The benefit of polished concrete is that it forms a continuous surface over the floor without grout lines or plank joins. This will give the floor a clean look.

For an industrial kitchen, you could opt for plain grey concrete. Alternatively, contractors can apply dyes and stains to give the flooring colour. Stains react with other elements in the concrete to provide the surface with an antiqued finish. The polishing method smooths out the surface to be relatively non-porous and resistant to staining.

Undermount Sinks

Many benchtops consist of a few large slabs or pieces of material such as stone or laminate, so they're already relatively minimal. One possibility to give countertops a cleaner look, though, is to install an under-mount sink during kitchen renovations. This sink style will remove the rim from your countertop, giving it a neat look.

If you need help with a kitchen renovation, contact a contractor near you.