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Ways to Make Use of Commercial Perforated Metal Screens in Your Open Plan Office

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Over the years, more and more commercial spaces have opted for an open plan design, as this option facilitates collaboration irrespective of your industry. But while this interior design style is popular, having it in your office will quickly make you realise that some occasions call for privacy. Fortunately, you do not have to resort to renovating your space to achieve separateness. Instead, the answer lies with commercial perforated metal screens.

These screens can be fabricated into an array of designs that can be employed for a variety of applications. From moveable screens to the fixed variety, you can be guaranteed of finding perforated screens to suit a range of needs in your office. To help you with some inspiration, here are a few of the ways to make use of commercial perforated metal screens in your open-plan office.

Room partitions

If privacy is a bone of contention in your office, decorative moveable perforated screens would be a great investment for your space. These screens are a convenient solution for your open pan office since they can easily be positioned to create a temporary meeting room, a private lounge and more.

Additionally, depending on the size of the perforations, you can ensure that the new enclosure remains away from prying eyes will still allowing ventilation into the space, so you do not have to be concerned about a stuffy environment. As a pro tip, consider perforated patterns that match other accents in your office space so that the commercial perforated metal screens will appear to be part and parcel of the open-plan space.

Decorative backdrops

Open-plan spaces are typically associated with a minimalist style so it is likely that your office is sparsely populated with furniture and other items that would take away from this interior design scheme. However, if this is done incorrectly, you end up with an office that resembles a sterile environment rather than creating a welcoming space for your employees and clients. To break the monotony of open space, you should consider incorporating decorative backdrops with the use of perforated metal screens.

Bold coloured screens that have intricately designed perforations can be placed on blank walls such as at the reception or in your designated boardroom area. These will add visual interest and make your open plan office look more compelling. As a pro tip, consider investing in acoustic support for these decorative backdrops, as these will enhance the functionality of the perforated metal screens.

Further ways that you can make use of commercial perforated metal screens in your open-plan office include sliding screens, suspended screens if you have high ceilings and so on.

For more ideas on how to use commercial perforated metal screens, contact a local metal screen provider.