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Residential Security: Are Security Screen Doors a Worthy Investment?

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Every year, 2.4% of households in Australia experience a break-in. Most residential break-ins occur through the front door. For this reason, it is paramount for homeowners to invest in additional security for their entry doors. One solution on the market today is installing security screen doors. These provide an additional layer of security and prevent intruders from accessing the house through the front door. Below are some reasons you should invest in a security screen door for your home.

Sturdy frame and hinges

Most residential break-ins result from a vulnerable and easily breakable door frame and hinges. If you have a front door with a wooden frame, burglars can easily break it, especially when you're not home. Security screens eliminate this risk since they come with non-removable hinges and sturdy metal framing. This combination makes for a burglar-deterrent door that won't cave to any form of physical manipulation.

Burglar-deterrent locks

Door hardware plays a critical role in determining your home's security. Some locks can be picked or bumped using simple tools. A security screen door enhances your security in two ways. First, it comes with an independent heavy-duty locking system. These include deadbolt or latch doors with strike plates for additional protection. 

Second, the door acts as an additional barrier against intrusion. If someone breaks through the front door, they will encounter the security screen locking system. Most burglars don't have the patience to break through multiple doors. Also, security screen locks come with a night latch that further secures the door from the inside. 

Windowless design

Most front doors have a window that provides a view of the front porch. While this feature serves a functional and aesthetic role, it can undermine the security of the home. Intruders can break the glass and access the front door from the inside. If your home has a front door window, consider installing a security screen door.

Security screen doors come with a windowless design. They have a screen mesh that acts as a security barrier. Pairing your front door with this screen provides a view of your front porch without compromising on your home's security. However, note that the screen won't offer an unobstructed view. You can pair it with a front door surveillance camera for easier monitoring.

Additional functionalities

Security screen doors have additional functionalities that would be beneficial to your home. For example, they keep out annoying pests and bugs. The mesh screen acts as an effective barrier against flying bugs, especially mosquitoes and flies. It also allows fresh air into your, thereby improving indoor air quality and reducing the need for air conditioning during the day.

A security screen door is a great investment for any home. Talk to a security expert for professional door installation services.