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Why COVID-19 Highlights The Need For Home Water Filters

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COVID-19 has clearly had a massive impact on the entire world and Australia has not been immune to its scope. With so many millions infected it is a harsh reminder that diseases can get out of control very quickly and practising smart safety precautions in the home is always a good idea. One protective device that is growing in popularity as more people start taking these steps is the humble home water filters. If COVID-19 has shown anything it is that proactive measures can be the difference between life and death, and when it comes to protecting the water you drink there is no better protection than home water filters.

Contamination Of Water Supplies Has Happened Before And Is On The Rise

While it is easy to assume that technology and therefore infrastructure is on a steady and predictable rise in Australia, in actuality much of the countries water supplies are becoming more and more susceptible to contamination. While water is still safe to drink straight from the tap in many cities, it is constantly under threat in regional areas where there is less testing and oversight. Just like COVID-19, all it takes is one minor problem to infect an entire population's drinking water. Home water filters protect against this and ensure that if the worst is to happen, you will be spared from it.

Easy To Install

Just like how a face mask and social distancing will reduce your chances of contracting COVID-19 by almost 100%, protecting yourself against water contamination is very simple. You don't need complicated systems that take up a lot of space and cost tens of thousands of dollars. Most home water filters can be installed right onto the pipe that supplies your tap. Whole-house water filters can be installed on the water main leading into your home and take up less than a square foot's worth of space. Easy to install and maintain, there is no reason why you shouldn't have a home water filter! 

Not Just For Emergencies

COVID-19 has probably changed how many Australians interact for the foreseeable future, with handshakes, hugs and other greetings brought down to a minimum even after restrictions are lifted. The general public will be far more aware of how easily viruses spread and that could last long after the pandemic is cleared. In the same way, you should be thinking about how close you are too contaminated water at any given time. All it takes is for a particularly rusty pipe or an unexpected surge in pressure and you could have tens of thousands of homes poisoned. Don't wait until something bad happens: prepare for the future and be mindful but not anxious. Home water filters give you peace of mind so that if something ever were to happen you would be fine. Plus, it just makes water taste better!

For more information on home water filters, reach out to a supplier.