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Three Simple Steps For Keeping Your Blinds Dust-Free

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Blinds are one of the most common window fixtures you will see when travelling across Australia. Not only are they great on any budget, but they perform an essential function and come in a variety of designs which match any home or business. The only downside is that blinds can be, and often are, dust magnets. It should be no surprise; after all, blinds are just long, mostly flat bits of material. Luckily with only a few simple steps, you can keep your blinds dust-free for life. Some you can put into practice right now and some you should be thinking about when purchasing your next set of blinds!

Keep Them Put Away

During the day time, it can be so easy just to leave your blinds on their most open setting so that the sunlight streams in. While this works well enough to let the light in, what you really should be doing is using the lift or pull cord to put your vertical or horizontal blinds into their packed away state. Not only does this create a much smaller surface area for dust to latch onto, but the process of moving the blinds once or twice a day will prevent tiny particles of dust from gathering at all. Putting your blinds away should be part of your morning routine, and at worst, you should definitely do it a few times a week.

Go For Hard Surfaces Over Fabric

When choosing blinds, the material composition is an important aspect in deciding whether your window coverings will be safe harbours for dust or not. Wood, vinyl, plastics and other hard surfaces will gather dust, but it will not be nearly as firmly attached as it is on fabric blinds. If you are very sensitive to dust or simply hate having it around at all, then never choose fabric blinds. Fabric blinds need much more individual attention, including vacuuming and dusting on a far more frequent basis. 

Monthly Spray Down

While most people who hate dust on their blinds will be dusting them fairly often, they can easily forget about washing their blinds. Washing blinds is important in getting out the dust which has more deeply penetrated your blinds and also gives you a much cleaner look than merely dusting. In this case, 'washing' refers to a few quick squirts of water onto each strip of your blinds, a quick rundown with a shammy and then perhaps some particular attention on any tough spots you come across. That is all. Often this process is done in less than 10 minutes per set of blinds, and your time can be cut down even further if you are dusting weekly. 

For more information about blinds, contact a professional.