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How Can Roller Blinds Help Your Interior Decor?

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There are plenty of window treatments to choose from that are suited to a range of interior decor styles. You could opt for Victorian-era heavy velvet curtains, for example. Alternatively, how about some Roman blinds for a truly classical look? However, roller blinds are often a good option for blending in perfectly with contemporary interior decors. Why are these sorts of blinds so good for working sympathetically with modern design approaches? Read on to find out. 

Protect Your Style

One of the big problems that the strong Australian sun causes in modern interiors is that it leads to fading. Your chosen wall coverings, flooring systems and upholstery can all age prematurely when too much sunlight comes in through your windows and glazed doorways. With blackout roller blinds, however, this is no longer an issue. These products can be made to measure so that very little — if any — light will penetrate at the sides of the blind. Equally, the hi-tech fabrics that are used with roller blinds today mean that you can cut out 100 per cent of the ultraviolet light that causes fading.

Colour Matching

Because roller blinds are made from a single piece of fabric which hands down square to your window, it can be made to look just like your walls. Even if you have a fancy pattern on your wallpaper, then it will be possible to make a bespoke blind for you that creates a seamless look between the wall and the window treatment. Equally, you should be able to take a sample of your paintwork and have your blind's fabric dyed to match it. This is great in any modern home but is especially effective if you favour minimalist design cues.

Doors and Windows

Unlike several types of treatment, roller blinds are ideal in rooms which have both windows and glazed doors. This is because they can either be fitted to doors themselves and moved back and forth when the door is opened or you can pull them up completely out of the way when you want to access your doorway. Curtains often need fussy tie-backs and can still get in the way when you open doors. Roman blinds will hang down over the top of a doorway. Since roller blinds all but disappear when they are pulled up, this is not a problem you will face. Of course, it also means being able to unify your interior decor style with the same look for both windows and doors.