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4 Ways of Cleaning Your Vertical Blinds During the COVID 19 Pandemic

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Vertical blinds are an excellent option for covering large windows. They provide an elegant, clean touch to a large surface area giving you more light control and customisation options. Vertical blinds can be used in any part of the home. Whether you're covering large living room windows or smaller glass surfaces in your kitchen, vertical blinds work well for many different purposes.

The primary challenge with these types of blinds is keeping them clean. During this pandemic period, household hygiene has become critical. But cleaning vertical blinds requires attention to detail and a strategic cleaning process. Not only do you need to access hidden corners, but you should also carefully clean delicate fabrics to prevent damage. Here are 4 useful ways of keeping your vertical blinds clean and sanitary.    

1. Start by cleaning each slat

Tall vertical blinds could present cleaning challenges in many different ways. For example, individual slats may be difficult to access, thus accumulating dirt and debris over time. You can begin the cleaning process by either hand-dusting or vacuuming each slat to remove debris. If the slats are heavily soiled, remove them from the window surface and vacuum them individually.

2. Use soap and water

Dusting and vacuuming are useful in cases where the blinds aren't heavily soiled. But to get even better results, you should use soap and water to remove stubborn stains. Apply soap on highly soiled areas and gently scrub using a wet cloth. In this way, you can loosen stubborn debris and keep the blinds clean. Spray cleaners are another convenient option because you don't necessarily have to remove the blinds from your windows when cleaning. Just make sure that the blinds are as dry as possible after you're done cleaning. Wet spots may result in blotting, especially on plastics or other delicate fabrics.  

3. Thoroughly rinse and dry your fabric blinds

When dealing with fabric blinds, you should always dismount the fabric from your windows before cleaning. It's a good idea to machine wash the material as recommended by your manufacturer using the right temperature of water and the duration of washing — afterwards, iron or steam the fabric before reinstalling it on your windows.

4. Avoid abrasive cleaners

When cleaning heavily soiled blinds, you may be tempted to use abrasive cleaners. However, such products could damage your blinds and result in warped or stained window coverings. A better idea is to balance between soapy water, a moist cloth and spray cleaners. These options still get the job done without interfering with the integrity of your blinds.

For more information, contact a vertical blinds supplier.